Why choose home care over the alternative?

There are many good reasons to choose home care. Home care encourages independent living, assures individual attention, and helps keep families living together. Home care can also be the most economical choice, depending on your situation. 

How should I decide between home care providers?

To get a good sense of the quality and level of care, nothing is better than meeting face to face with a home care provider.  Call us at 970-208-3985 to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to discuss your situation and answer your questions in our office or at your home. Read “How Do I Select the Right Home Care Provider?” by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice for what to consider as you make an informed decision.

What is the pricing like?

Nightingales Home Care uses an adjusting rate scale. The tiered rates with price breaks for longer hours of care within a day. The longer the need for care, the less the cost of care per hour. We do not charge more for the care of a couple (more than one person in the home.) Some other agencies charge a higher rate for the care of a couple. Call us at 970-208-3985 for more information.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Yes, we are able to bill long-term medical insurance or accept private pay. We are an approved “Veteran Vendor,” allowing us to bill the Veteran’s Administration when applicable. We are happy to discuss this during your consultation.

Do caregivers sleep during overnight shifts?

We require that caregivers be awake and engaged in their client’s care. They are not allowed to sleep during their shift. This ensures high-quality overnight care.

What does “companionship” mean?

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, companionship includes, but is not limited to, “social interaction, conversation, emotional reassurance, encouragement of reading, writing, and activities that stimulate the mind.”

Is your business insured?

Yes, we are fully insured against accidents, liability, workman’s comp, and social security, at no risk to you.