Nightingale's Home Care

Janet Walker started Nightingale’s Care in 2005 after several years of working in adult living facilities, including nursing homes, group homes, and hospice care.  She saw first hand how a person’s environment can affect their health and ability to recover.

     “I started Nightingale’s Care because I saw that people recover quicker, are happiest, and thrive in a familiar environment—their own homes.”

     Everyone, she says, should have the option to “age in place.”  Home care allows the customer to stay in control of their own life.  Their routines and homes remain theirs, while maintaining independence and a consistent quality of life.

     "Elderly customers, such as those experiencing macular degeneration and dementia, do much better in a home environment that they are familiar with.”  She has noticed that keeping a routine helps with muscle memory.  “Over time we have seen significant improvement in mobility.” 

     “Yes, there are circumstances when it may not be possible to honor a wish to remain at home, depending on the medical situation, but my experience in hospice showed me that home care could be done, and that recovery and rehabilitation can become a positive experience for the customer and their family, instead of a negative one.”

     What makes Nightingale’s Care unique? 

     “We believe in honoring the customer’s wishes and providing excellent customer service.”  A one-on-one experience allows the Home Care Assistant to get to know each individual’s needs and routines.  Services are customized, including meal preparation, which can mean anything from “adhering to dietary restrictions to using family recipes.”

     Good home care provides a clean environment, good meals, and companionship, providing a sense of safety and security. 

     Nightingale's truly cares.